Tuesday, February 12, 2008

U.S. Universities Rush to Set Up Outposts Abroad - New York Times

Is it possible that we have so completely tapped the financial reserves of Americans and restricted our borders in the name of security that we have to physically export higher education? We sure are serious about this whole global economy thing, aren't we?

"In a kind of educational gold rush, American universities are competing to set up outposts in countries with limited higher education opportunities. American universities — not to mention Australian and British ones, which also offer instruction in English, the lingua franca of academia — are starting, or expanding, hundreds of programs and partnerships in booming markets like China, India and Singapore." U.S. Universities Rush to Set Up Outposts Abroad - New York Times

I'm wondering what the online education strategy is, and how it fits with these developments. The who's who in exporting education is a significant representation of public and private institutions. Won't this water down the experience?

What do you think?

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