Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are we ready for the future of learning? It's here now!

Always in search of ways to connect in the learning environment, those of us who enjoy bells and whistles like to find new stuff.

In Six “Key Emerging Technologies” for Higher Ed Profiled in the 2008 Horizon Report, The The New Media Consortium publishes their fifth edition of the report so we can get a glimpse of the future of learning before it is upon us.

Listed in the report are grassroots video, collaboration webs, mobile broadband, data mashups, collective intelligence, and social operating systems.
The business world has seen many of these, but is there a place for each in Higher Ed? I think that depends on who is actually reading the report.

Take a look at the requirements for acceptance of just one of these innovative technologies:
(just click on the < > arrows at the bottom or click on full to see full screen)

Learning environments that implement any of these technologies will be noted as cutting-edge,and education 2.0. The concern, though, is whether they will fit the needs of the students?

What do you think?

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