Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Should we even consider "Teaching With Twitter"?

I saw a nice overview of Twitter in the learning environment by David Parry, a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, who talks about using Twitter for his courses.

More at Chronicle Multimedia.

What do you think?


Anita Hamilton said...

Hi Carter, Twitter is not supported on Canadian phone networks, so this isn't going to be happening in my class yet. I have 104 first year and 86 second year Masters Students and I shudder at the thought of using Twitter with this many students. I recently read an article that said that 1/3 of the the students in a particular study were not happy to find professors in facebook as they felt that this was "their" space.
I think that Twitter does not capture one of the greatest aspects of online learning, the ability to spend time composing well thought out questions and observations. To me Twitter is too short for this use, and potentially too "impulsive".
I must say though, even though I am saying "no, no, no... I usually find a way to implement each Web 2.0 tool into my teaching, and I'll let you know when Twitter arrives in my teaching life! Not this week, but I never say never! Cheers, Anita.

joan said...

There are some ideas in this article blogging with twitter