Friday, April 4, 2008

Can we learn without being comfortable?

As I noted in a recent publication:

The optimal zone in which adults learn is referred to as disjuncture— when time seems to stop. . . when our biographical repertoire is no longer sufficient to cope automatically with our situation. . . where we have a tension with our environment (Jarvis, 2006).

Without entering this zone, we are simply stacking up our experiences on top of things to which we can relate. This action often leads to an unnecessary compromise, where we settle for what is readily available to us, rather than what is actually the best fit.

With disjuncture, we are forced to build a completely new structure of learning. While in the disjuncture zone, though we usually will experience discomfort, we are ultimately able to establish a strong foundation for real learning.

(p. 182)

What do you think?

Jarvis, P. (2006). Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Human Learning. New York: Routledge.

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