Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yesterday's technology today -

I just finished an educational session for those interested in engaging the social space for a variety of reasons.

If interested, check out Link To Your Education.

And I've finally figuring out how to take a PPT, record narrative, and then add to slideshare, embedded Gvideo, and podcast. I feel so Web 1.0 :-(

I've redone the audio for the last presentation (below). It's available on Archive.Org.

My link to the audio is here.

And I've been playing around with Twitter. It's neat, and so "tech."

A friend recently asked (on Twitter, of course), "Why Twitter? Why now? Couldn't we have done this in a chat room 5 years ago? Is mobile what makes it different? Answer in <140>."

My first thought (while at a stop sign in my car receiving messages on my phone) was:
Twitter, now because it's new but familiar and crosses platforms. We couldn't do opt-in asynchronous chat in 2002.

If you just have to know more about Twitter, check out their Frequently Asked Questions.
Twitter also has a blog . . . and Patricia Mayo does a good overview.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, feel free.

And to automate your posts (if you blog regularly), check out Twitter Feed! If you just can't get enough of Twitter, add it to your Firefox browser with TwitBin.

And I'm wondering how much is too much when we engage for learning purposes in the online world. Does it really help to provide reading, audio, visual (presentations) and a combination (like video)? If so, here's the video (presentation with audio in a video format) for the Retrofitting The Learning Environment Presentation.

There's a VCast link coming . . .

What do you think?


Marc-Andre Leger said...

You could do this very easily with KeyNote on a Mac... All the =se functions are integrated and you can export directly to Quicktime and edit it with iMovie. Key note is sold seperatly, at about 60$ (I paid 80$ canadian) with educational pricing and all the other software comes standard on any iMac. I have been moving over to Mac's mainly for this capability.

carterfsmith said...

Thanks to George Pfister for pointing out the gap from 3:00 to 3:20.

Here's what you missed:

. . . making drastic changes in our learning environment?

[Insert] For the purpose of this presentation

. . . Retrofitting Learning Environments means the ongoing process of radically redesigning . . .

Note the picture of the one-room schoolhouse had no narration.

carterfsmith said...

Note that the live video of this presentation is available on the UT Martin’s iTunesU site. Check out You can simply load the ‘Public’ view of the iTunesU site. After you get into our iTunesU site, scroll down to the section called “Instructional Technology Center – Faculty Resources”. Click on the icon for “2008 West Tennessee Technology Showcase”.